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Name:Now All Are One
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Community description:A Multi-Generational Transformers RP Game
Are you dead? Sleeping? Does it matter, if you can't do anything about it?

You may or may not remember what you were doing only moments before, but the only thing you can do now is listen to the voice that speaks through and around you.

Autobots will hear a welcoming voice

Decepticons will hear a voice ordering them to listen

Neutrals may hear whomever they wish.

The voices differ, but both share one vital piece of information - you are not where you once were.

Welcome to the Matrix

This is a role playing game for Transformers-fandom characters. Sound interesting? Pull up a terminal, look around, join in.

The rules are here.
Combat rules are special.
Current Muse List is here.
Please post your application prior to requesting membership in the community.
Apply here to start playing!

Once you've officially joined the Matrix, you'll need to have your character react to finding the following message on one of the kiosks they've been told to look at. Past the questions into a new post, answer them, and tag the post with their name, the introduction tag, and the kiosk: hub tag.


You will provide responses to the following queries before being directed to your quarters. While you will be free to move about the complex, your personal supplies will be kept at the location you are assigned.

*Designation and Affiliation
*Nutritional Preference
*Target Preference
*Bodywash/wax Preference
*Favorite Lubricant

The map provided will show you to your quarters.

Responding to these queries will also put your name in a message board contact list, providing you with the ability to send and receive messages from other complex tenants. Message boards are accessible from the kiosks which you see around you, and from terminals spread throughout the complex.


Affiliated Groups

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  • [community profile] rpads -- Advertise your game here!

  • [community profile] thewritersnook -- The Writer's Nook is a prompt community very similar to The Muses Stage, Writers Muses, and others on Livejournal.

Contact [personal profile] sharpest_asp if you need an invite code to set up a journal on DW.

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07 movie, 09 movie, g1, marvel comics, return of the fallen, transformers
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